STRAWBERRY TEQUILA SUNRISE #healthydrink #cocktail

STRAWBERRY TEQUILA SUNRISE #healthydrink #cocktail

Strawberry Tequila Sunrise: this spring form of tequila dawn replaces the customary grenadine syrup with crisp strawberry puree.

Cinco de Mayo is a major ordeal in Southern California. I wager heaps of margaritas and lagers are devoured, alongside pounds of chips, guacamole, and tacos! Cinco de Mayo is frequently confused with Mexico's Independence Day (from Spain), however that is an alternate festival hung on September 16.

Cinco de Mayo recognizes the Mexican Army's triumph over the French. Numerous history specialists trust that if Mexico had not crushed the French, almost certainly, France would have proceeded to help the Confederacy in the Civil War. Envision if that had occurred?!

I'll be getting a charge out of the end of the week making up for lost time with one of my preferred shows Drunk History and alternating tasting between this zesty jalapeno margarita and this strawberry tequila dawn.

STRAWBERRY TEQUILA SUNRISE #healthydrink #cocktail

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  • 1 oz strawberry puree
  • 3 oz orange juice
  • 1 1/2 oz tequila


  1. Add strawberry puree to a tall serving glass. Fill with ice. Add orange juice and top with tequila. Stir before serving.

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