Sanderson Sister Blackberry Rosé Halloween Spritzer #halloween #rose

Sanderson Sister Blackberry Rosé Halloween Spritzer  #halloween #rose

Sanderson Sister Blackberry Rosé Halloween Spritzer 

This Sanderson Sister Rosé Halloween Spritzer is the ideal Halloween mixed drink for all the Hocus Pocus sweethearts out there. With hues motivated by the purple and red dress of Sarah Sanderson herself, this mixed drink will most likely be a tasty hit at your Halloween party. 

The tunes, well known lines, ensembles, general wistfulness… what's not to adore about Hocus Pocus? I recall numerous Halloween seasons went through tensely foreseeing the night I would get the opportunity to watch Hocus Pocus out of the blue. 

I additionally recall being unusually desirous of Sarah Sanderson as a multi year old. I needed to grow up to be similarly as beautiful as her and have every last bit of her extraordinary witch powers! (Since I've grown up, I've understood I recognize much more with Winifred Sanderson-particularly in surge hour traffic). 

To pay tribute to the astonishing Sanderson sisters, I made this rosé spritzer that is ideal for your Halloween slam. The red and purple absolutely inspire Sarah Sanderson vibes, and the taste is fruity and reviving. Furthermore a twizzlers blend stick is a fun touch to bring a Halloween sweet component into the beverage! 

Locate the single beverage formula and huge cluster formula beneath for this delectable and fun mixed drink. Tell me in the remarks on the off chance that you attempt it! In any case, more imperatively, what is your most loved Hocus Pocus scene/line??

Sanderson Sister Blackberry Rosé Halloween Spritzer  #halloween #rose

  • -1/2 cup rosé prosecco 
  • -1.5 oz. (3 tbsp.) raspberry vodka (clear)
  • -1/4 cup welch's sangria juice *see note
  • -1/4 teaspoon grenadine 
  • -1/2 teaspoon lime juice 
  • -3-4 rinsed blackberries
  • -1 twizzler stick (optional garnish)
  • -black and purple sanding sugar (optional garnish) *see note 

  1. If making sugar rim (do this before making the drink):
  2. -Pour equal amounts black and purple sanding sugar onto a plate and mix together
  3. -Pour a small amount of raspberry vodka into a small bowl
  4. -Dip glass into bowl with vodka and swirl to make sure all sides of rim  have a vodka coating
  5. -Dip rim of glass into the sugar on plate and swirl until there is an even sugar coating
  6. To make the spritzer: 
  7. - Fill a lowball or wine glass with ice
  8. -Pour raspberry vodka, welch's sangria juice, grenadine, and lime juice into glass
  9. -Pour rosé prosecco until cup is almost full (about 1/2 cup)
  10. -Drop 3-4 blackberries into glass and stir
  11. -Garnish with twizzler stick and enjoy! 

  1. *If you aren't able to find welch's sangria juice, any red fruit juice will work. 
  2. *I was able to find black and purple sanding sugar at my local Walmart. Craft stores often carry them as well.

source : bit.ly/2tPT3H1

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