LOW CARB BACON & EGGERS #healthydiet #lowcarb

LOW CARB BACON & EGGERS #healthydiet #lowcarb

This is too easy to even consider evening be a formula, however given the measure of hard bubbled eggs and cheddar I am eating, I figured it is enjoyable to zest it up a bit with these little Low Carb Bacon and Eggers. Not so much a formula, increasingly like breakfast motivation!

For feast prep, on Sunday, I make my hard bubbled eggs ( I destroy them the Instant Pot utilizing this technique), make my bacon for the week ( I do stove bacon utilizing this strategy), and I cut up my cheddar and store in an impermeable compartment. When I go to eat these, I gather them. Simple Peasy!

You can get innovative utilizing distinctive sorts of cheddar and in the event that you truly need you can include sauces like dijon mustard… or might I venture to try and state mayo ( hello, keto peeps!).

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LOW CARB BACON & EGGERS #healthydiet #lowcarb

  • 3 Hard Boiled Eggs
  • 1-2 pieces bacon
  • 3 slices cheese
  1. To assemble your low carb bacon and eggers, simple cut the hard boiled egg lenthwise, 
  2. Visit bit.ly/2YGisBt for full instructions.

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