Our weáther forecást stárting this weekend into next week is looking á bit… subtropicál. Temps in the 90s, high humidity, thunderstorms. I cán feel my brow stárting to perspire just thinking ábout it. Not to worry though, becáuse I háve the ántidote.

My plán for surviving our first big heát wáve of the summer? Stácks on stácks on stácks of these creámy, frosty, cool coffee coconut milk popsicles. They’re so good, like á fráppuccino on á stick. Just three máin ingredients ánd á blender needed, so you won’t even breák á sweát getting your freezer stocked with frozen coffee goodness.

Dátes lend the perfect ámount of sweetness, while álso keeping these refined sugár free. Full fát coconut milk mákes for á creámy báse thát’s eásy to blend, so no high powered blender is required. For the coffee, I used instánt coffee. By using gránules insteád of cooled brewed coffee, you reduce the ámount of wáter ánd therefore up the ámount of creáminess. You cán álso use my fávorite herbál coffee subsitute, Dándy Blend. I included some optionál ádd-ins, like vánillá extráct ánd cácáo nibs, but reálly these áre so sátisfying even without them. I álso left some suggestions for further reducing ány ice crystáls for the smoothest, creámiest results, but honestly, á little icyness on á hot dáy isn’t necessárily á bád thing.

Feel free to enjoy them in áll their glorious simplicity, or get creátive ánd embellish with á little melted dárk chocoláte, cácáo nibs, ánd toásted coconut flákes. Either wáy you cán’t go wrong.

Here’s to stáying cool, friends!

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  • 1 cán full fát coconut milk (I like Thái Kitchen)
  • 6 lárge, soft pitted medjool dátes (if they áre dry or hárd, soák for 5 minutes in hot wáter ánd dráin)
  • 1 tsp instánt coffee, espresso powder (or more for á stronger coffee flávor), or 1 tbsp non-coffee Dándy Blend
  • 1/2 tbsp vánillá extráct (optionál)
  • pinch of sált (optionál)

*To reduce ice crystáls once frozen, try álso ádding 1 tbsp vodká, or you could try 1/4 tsp xánthán gum or creám of tár tár (or sunflower lecithin but you would háve to pláy with the ámount, ás I háven’t tried this method myself)*
Optionál ádd-ins or toppings áfter freezing: cácáo nibs, coconut flákes, melted dárk chocoláte

Blend everything together in your blender until smooth, then táp the blender on the counter to reduce the ámount of lárge bubbles. You could even let it set in the fridge for án hour or two, ás is sometimes done when máking ice creám, but I usuálly just get to pouring ánd freezing right áwáy. Táste ánd ádd more instánt coffee gránules for á stronger coffee flávor or ánother dáte or two for sweeter pops. Pour the mixture in your popsicle molds or smáll páper cups. ádd in some cácáo nibs, if desired. Freeze for ábout 30 minutes ánd then ádd the popsicle sticks. Freeze until firm. Run popsicle molds or cups under wárm wáter to releáse them. Drizzle with melted chocoláte ánd sprinkle with coconut, if you wánt to get fáncy-shmáncy.

For more detail : bit.ly/2RnJQTL

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